About me

Hello! I am a coat of arms and fine artist from Poland.

I am a coat of arms and fine artist from Poland with more than 10 years of experience in digital art and over 18 years in traditional art. My coat of arms are based on European tradition therefore they contain symbols/animals typical for that region.

If you are looking for a similar crest for you, your family or your company, please click on the “Order” link in the menu. You can send me an email using the contact form there, describing what coat of arms would you like me design for you. Also, you can click on “How Does It Work” link in the same menu to read more about symbolic elements used in heraldry. Every element in the coat of arms should have its meaning. So for example “a spade” a tool of agriculture; symbol of honest labour. “Jasmine”: signifies hope, joy and a demonstration of attachment, etc.