My last business Coat of Arms project for the Royal Palace Hotel

My last business Coat of Arms project for the Royal Palace Hotel

A symbol of Elegance and Royalty painted in a digitally painted technique

As an artist heraldist, I am proud to present the coat of arms I created for the Royal Palace Hotel, an exclusive luxury hotel located in the USA. I carefully crafted every detail to reflect the hotel’s elegance and royalty, ensuring that it stands out and makes a lasting impression.

The shield is divided into three sections, each representing a unique element of the hotel’s identity. On the left side, I painted a representation of a castle to highlight the hotel’s grandeur and sophistication. On the right side, I painted the royal insignia, including a golden royal apple on a golden cushion, emphasizing the hotel’s exclusivity and prestige.

The lower section of the shield features a golden carriage on a blue background, symbolizing the carriage that the hotel guests can use for a ride. I chose the blue colour of the background to match the blue roof of the hotel, creating a cohesive design.

To support the shield, I added two rampant lions, standing on their hind legs, guarding the shield with strength and power. The lions represent the hotel’s commitment to its guests’ safety and protection.

For the crest or top part of the coat of arms, I painted a servant or butler, dressed in a 17th or 19th-century style outfit, matching the blue colour of the hotel roof. The butler symbolizes the hotel’s dedication to providing personalized and exceptional service to its guests.

I also included the motto “Royal Palace Hotel” in bold letters on a burgundy scroll, placed underneath the shield. The scroll adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the coat of arms.

Lastly, I added an ornate border (a chain) surrounding the shield to signify the hotel’s grandeur and prestige, creating a luxurious and impressive overall design.

Overall, I am thrilled with the coat of arms I created for the Royal Palace Hotel. It perfectly represents the hotel’s sophistication, elegance, exclusivity, and commitment to providing its guests with an exceptional experience.


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