A custom business coat of arms I designed for the Reiner Genuss brewery in Germany

A custom business coat of arms I designed for the Reiner Genuss brewery in Germany


The coat of arms for the “Reiner Genuss” brewery symbolises this unique establishment’s rich history and heritage. It was created using digital painting technique to reflect the prestige, elegance, and tradition that are its foundation.

Description of the Coat of Arms

The Shield

The shield depicts a golden beer stein with the image of a smiling man, symbolising the joy and tradition of Bavarian beer. The shield’s background is a deep red, surrounded by gold and silver embellishments, adding elegance and prestige.

Mantling and Crown

The gold, red and silver mantling surrounds the coat of arms and adds majesty. The crown at the top of the coat of arms emphasises this brewery’s royal status.

History of the Coat of Arms

I recently designed the coat of arms for the “Reiner Genuss” brewery as a tribute to Bavarian brewing traditions. Unlike a family crest, this custom coat of arms represents a business, and it has become an integral part of the brewery’s identity, proudly displayed on various decor elements.

Symbolism of the Coat of Arms

Each element of the coat of arms has its own meaning and symbolism. The golden beer stein represents joy and tradition, the red background signifies elegance, the gold and silver embellishments denote prestige. Together, they create an image of the brewery as a place where history and tradition meet in harmony.

Significance for ‘Reiner Genuss’

The coat of arms is not only a symbol of the brewery’s heritage but also a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of production and hospitality. It is a visual expression of the values that are cherished and conveyed to customers every day.


The coat of arms of the “Reiner Genuss” brewery is a beautiful and meaningful symbol that reflects a rich history and a commitment to excellence. I invite you to take a closer look at it and discover all the aspects that make this brewery unique.

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