Church seal I designed for the Polish Church in Los Angeles, USA

Church Seal I designed for the Polish Church in Los Angeles


Discover the carefully crafted Church Seal for the Polish Church in Los Angeles. Indeed, it’s a striking piece filled with deep religious symbols.

Main Design

Tablets of Moses and Holy Grail

The central shield carries strong Christian symbols. First off, Moses’ Tablets show the Ten Commandments, setting the tone for moral values. Along with this, you’ll find the Holy Grail, a well-known symbol from Christian lore. It’s the sacred cup from the Last Supper, symbolizing Christ’s divine nature.

Sacrifice and Redemption

The Cross

There’s also a cross on the shield, a vivid reminder of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and the redemption he offered. This symbol stands for faith, mercy, and God’s boundless love.

Rebirth through Faith

The Burning Bible

Plus, there’s a burning Bible on the shield. As a powerful symbol of rebirth, it emphasizes the evolution of spiritual beliefs and the emergence of deeper faith.

Presence of the Holy Spirit

The Golden Dove

Under the shield, a golden dove represents the Holy Spirit, bringing peace, purity, and divine guidance.

Papal Authority

The Papal Tiara

At the top, a Papal Tiara graces the shield, showing the Pope’s authority and power.

Power and Authority in the Background

The Keys of Saint Peter

Behind it all, the Keys of Saint Peter make a strong statement. They’re a symbol of the power to unlock Heaven’s gates, a power Jesus Christ gave to Peter. They’re also a sign of the Pope’s authority.

Protection of the Seal

The Supporting Angels

On either side, two angels flank the sacred seal, showing divine protection and guidance.


As a skilled religious artist, I’ve blended symbolism and spirituality in this Church Seal. It captures Christian faith and Polish religious culture. So, come on a spiritual journey through this unique symbol of the Polish Church in Los Angeles. It’s a testament to the power of faith and divine guidance.


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