How much does it cost?


What information do I need?

Please use CONTACT form (ORDER) in the menu if you are looking for coat of arms similar to my previous designs. ​Do you have any ideas how would you like your coat of arms to look like? I need to know especially:

1. What animals (supporters) would you like to see on the sides (if any)?
2. What elements on the shield (if any, it can be also blank or with a heraldic pattern)
3. What colour scheme?
4. What text (name) on a ribbon?

Regarding the animals (supporters).  I design European looking coat of arms, that is why the animals are limited to those used to live in the Europe only (wolf, stag, bear, horse, wild cat, swan, stork, bull, squirrel, beaver, raven, ram, pelican, peacock, owl, cornish, pigeon, lynx, lamb, goose, goat, fox, falcon, dove, crane, cock, cat, boar) and also mythical for Europeans or captured in Africa (lion, dragon, tiger, unicorn, vulture, parrot, Pegasus, ostrich, monkey. chamois, porcupine, ibex, heron, here, elephant, camel, antelope, leopard).

Regarding the symbolic. There is a list of symbols in heraldry in PDF document. You can use this list as a reference. You can download it from here.

If you do not have any ideas, that is fine. Just describe what values would you like to convey in your family crest and I will propose some ideas to you.


What is the process and prices?
  • Brief

    The first step in the design process in which I receive all information needed to design your coat of arms. In this step I am sending you a PayPal invoice. You will need to pay 50% upfront so I could start my design

  • Planning

    This is a time when I plan and do research regarding your project, symbols, colours of your coat of arms.

  • Design

    This is the main part of the process in which I will be designing your coat of arms. It will take approximately 4-7 days and after that I will send you a low resolution JPG file with watermarks so you could see my propositions and request some changes in colour, elements used, etc.

  • Revision

    I am making necessary corrections (revision) now. Usually 2-3 substantial revisions are included in the base price. For example, element position change is a small change (free). More than 3 substantial changes are paid extra and the additional revision price is set individually.

    At this point I am sending you your design in a low resolution, watermarked JPG file.

  • A final pay and project delivery

    If everything is correct, I will send you a second PayPal invoice. After you’ve sent the money, I will prepare your final files and deliver them to your e-mail box.